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United States Marine Corps
Unit Insignia Library (1)America's Pride by Stephen Haitis WTC USN (Ret)
"America's Pride" by Stephen Harris WTC USN(Ret) has been declared public domain.
Please give credit to the artist.

Disclaimer -
This website and its contents have not been sanctioned nor approved by the Department of Defense or the United States Marine Corps.

(Not) Copyright -
The unit insignias collected and published here have come from numerous contributions of Marines, their families, friends of Marines and hundreds of hours of research.  Unless the artist is indicated for a graphic, these graphics are public domain.   They been bought and paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of Marines past, present and future.   Permission to use copyrighted graphics has been granted where an artist is indicated.  Please give credit to the artist.

Unit Insignia Background -
There are regulations governing the heraldry design and registration of a unit insignia for Marine Corps Units.  However, the process is endless and often futile.  Units design or modify their own insignia and it us usually  approved by the local commander, so there may be many variations of unit insignias.  On some of these I have been able to establish the year(s) that a variation was in use.

Website information -  This is 1 of 3 websites.  They are:

       (1) USMC Ground Unit Insignias - to include ground facilities (base, air station, hospitals, etc), major commands (MarForLant, FMFPac, MAB, MEU, Div, MAW, etc), combat arms (regiments and their battalions), combat support  (FSSG, CSSD, Recon, LAD, Engrs, etc),  independent detachments, battalions, companies (MarDet, MSG, MarSptBn, tanks, etc); ((you are here))

          (2) USMC Aviation Unit Insignias - to include aviation designation, fixed wing, rotary wing and aviation support and training units below Wing level.  Aviation ground facilities are included in ground facilities above; and

          (3) USMC clip-art and general military graphics - this is the original site at Marine Corps League New Mexico and among other things includes clip-art and graphics for the United States Marine Corps, the Marine Corps League and general military.  Some of these are copy-righted so please read the instructions and information there.

Graphic Viewing and Downloading -
The directories are graphic intensive and to make them load faster, I have modified all of the graphics.  They have been reduced to low resolution 100x100 (or less) pixel size and have not been cleaned up.  By doing this I kept the size down to an average 5KB per graphic.  To view or copy the individual graphic,  click on the desired graphic. Then to down load "right click" and "save image as . . ." to your disk drive.  What you will view or down load is the best copy I have.

Your help is needed -
If I omitted a unit, mis-filed it, you have additional information about a unit insignia, when it was used, what it evolved from, a patch variation on an old jacket or an old photograph,  please share your knowledge.  Copies of unit insignia may be scanned and emailed, or you can go to your local copy center and send them to me by U. S. Postal Service.

Your participation and knowledge contributions have made this site possible. Pass the word the library is here.

Semper Fidelis

Joe Armstrong
Sergeant Major
United States Marine Corps, Retired
1313 College Ave
Alamogordo, NM 88310

The graphics in this directory have been reduced to 100 pixel size, low resolution, and  have not been cleaned up.
If you want a better copy for printing or graphics, you'll have to send me an email so I can send it to you. Some of them are 800KB to 1MB. Sorry, I only have so much space on this website.

USMC Ground Unit Insignias
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Ground Facilities

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Major Commands

2nd Marine Division

Companies, Units Ashore & Afloat
Marine Security Guard Battalion
Combat Arms,
Ground Combat &
Supporting Arms

2nd Marine Regiment

USMC Aviation Unit Insignia
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Aviation Unit 
Designation Codes
and Abbreviations

V - fixed wing
M - Marine Corps
F - fighter
A - attack

Aviation Command &
Support Units

Marine Wing Support Group -17

Rotary Wing

Marine Helicopter Squadron One

Fixed Wing

Marine Attack Squadron - 211

School, Training & 
(I couldn't classify)
Enlisted Professional Military Education

USMC Clip-art and Graphics
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Semper Fidelis01

Semper Fi!
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